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What is Kwickserver?

Kwickserver is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use server application, which installs from CD on PC compatible hardware and ist configured and administered with a webinterface. It is open source software licencend under the GPL.

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The first application of Kwickserver - a firewall server optimized for educational use - is already available as final version. It can be downloaded in the Download Section. Information on the Firewall can be found here.

Mail & Communication Server

The second is a mail and communication server. You can find more informations on the Mailserver here.

Secure File & Encryption Server

The third subproject is a fileserver, that can be used to store files with optional encryption which can be accesses by Windows, Linux or MacOS X clients. It can also be used to encrypt files oder data via web interface. It is also possible to use it as login server for windows and Unix networks. More information can be found here.

Web and Database server

The latest project is a Web-, Database- and DNS-server. It gives you the possibility to create web space with different settigns and quota for several clients of your server. You can also create MySql databases for the use with this websites. Finally you can administer your domains with the integrated DNS server.

Kwickserver Web and Database server is currently available Beta version.



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