Firewall Configuration

Initial configuration

First thing you should do after the installation, is setting the network addresses (IP addresses) for all network cards in the computer. Click on the Link „settings“ in the left menu. In the section „IP addresses“ you find under „Internet Interface“ the settings for the network card, which is connected to the Internet (for example the router or DSL modem). Here you can activate DHCP, if you get your network settings from that device, or you can configure the IP settings manually.

On the right side you find the settings for the network cards, which are connected to your internal networks. If you only have two network cards, use only the first of the two.

Careful! Be sure to set the address of the first internal network correctly. After saving the new IP addresses for security reasons it is only possible to access the web administration via this interface!

If you have not set the correct address in this step you can change it afterwards from the console. Look at the troubleshooting section in this manual.

You will now probably lose the connection to the web interface of the Kwickserver, because you changed the network addresses. To reconnect to the web interface, type the address of the first internal network card you just configured into you browser.

If this fails, the firewall is probably not connected to the internal network with the correct interface. Unfortunately it is not possible to automatically find out, which network card has been selected to be the first internal at installation. Here you have to try, until you find it out.

Connect your firewall with every network card – one after the other – to the internal network and try to connect to it via the web interface. Be also sure, that your computer (where the web browser is running) is in the same network and has a network address out of the same range.



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