Firewall Troubleshooting


Problem: The CD is in the drive, but the computer does not boot from it.

Solution: Be sure, the CD drive is first in the boot order of your computer setup

Problem: I installed the firewall on a computer, where I still need the data on the harddisks. Can I restore them?

Answer: Unfortunately not. But if you have two harddisks in your computer, the second one will be still untouched and the data is available.

Problem: During installation I get the error message „automatic network configuration did not succeed“.

Answer: You are not connected to a network with a DHCP server. Look, if the network cable is well connected in your network card and to the switch/hub. Ask your network administrator, if you have access to a DHCP server. If not, you have to type in the network address by hand.

Problem: I changed the IP addresses and I lost the connection to the web administration.

Solution: Type in the new network address you just defined for the first internal network card.

Problem: I typed the address of my first internal network card into the browser, but I don't get to the web administration.

Solution: Probably your firewall is connected to your network with the wrong network card. The only possibility to figure out the correct card is to connect with every card (one after the other) to the network and try again.

Problem: I changed the network addresses of my firewall, but I did not type in the correct address for the first internal network card. Now the web administration is not reachable any more.

Solution: Go to the console of the computer (keyboard and screen connected to it) and type „setip“ on the login prompt. Enter your administration password. Now an input mask appears where you can set the correct IP address and netmask.

Problem: I forgot the administration password

Solution: You can change it from the console. At the login prompt type in „setpasswd“. Now you will be asked for the new administration password.



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