Kwickserver Mail and Communication
Kwickserver Mail and Communication (Shortname Kwickserver Mail) is an easy to install and maintain electronic mail server and instant messaging server.

It will provide all features of a modern mail server like spam filters, virus protection, quota management, POP3 and IMAP4 access and a webmail application. It will also provide an instant message service based on the open protocol XMPP, which can optionally connect to other XMPP based IM netwoks like Google Talk or Jabber.

A release condidate is already available.It is licensed under the GPL and therefore free software.


Features of Kwickserver Mail

  • e-mail server for unlimited number of mailboxes
  • SMTP access with password or configured IP addresses with optional encryption
  • POP3 access with optional encryption
  • IMAP4 access with optional encryption
  • modern webmail with (limited) branding options
  • users can edit settings of their mailbox via webmail
  • give others the option to manage their own maildomain on your server
  • fine grained management of resources (quota, mailboxes, aliases)
  • state of the art anti spam system
  • anti virus system
  • Instant Messaging server based on XMPP technology
  • access to instant messaging via client or included web application
  • fully automatic installation via boot CD
  • administration completely web based


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