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Kwickserver Mail and Communication Server is a server that comes on a bootable CD and installs on any Intel compatible PC hardware automatically. It provides an enterprise level electronic mail server and an instant messaging server.

Kwickserver Mail and Communication Server is both optimized for ease of use and providing professional mail server features. For accomplishing this Kwickserver offers the possibility to switch its user interface between an easy and an advanced mode.

Kwickserver Mail and Communication Server gives you the opportunity to install and run a mail and IM server for several other people (or companies, customers, departements etc., called „client“) and give them the possibility to create and mangage their own mail and IM accounts. Within limits defined by you! For example you can set up a mail server for company and give the departements of this company the ability to manage their mail accounts themselves. But the general control over the server remains at you.

Kwickserver Mail and Communication Server comes with a modern webmail application which uses newest technologies like drag and drop of messages between folders etc. It has an advanced spam and virus filter, which can be enabled or disabled individually per mailbox.

It provides access to the mails with the protocols POP3, IMAP4 and the secure versions POPs and IMAPs. Forwards and away messages can be defined per mailbox. Quotas can be defined per client or per mailbox. Maximum number of mailboxes and mail aliases can be defined per client.

In advanced mode you can also create several users for the web administration per client and divide the clients mailbox administration in a second level of seperation. With that feature it is possible to give a web administration user only access to a subset of the mailboxes of a client.

The instant messaging service provides a XMPP compatible server (Jabber server). Messaging accounts can be created and managed like mail accounts. The server can also be configured for federating with other XMPP compatible servers like Google Talk, GMX or every Jabber server on the Internet. So users can exchange instant messages with users of those networks.

And the best of all... it is free! Kwickserver Mail and Communication Server is licenced under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Kwickserver Mail and Communication Server has been supported by the Internet Privatstiftung Austria.



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