Kwickserver Firewall

Kwickserver Firewall is a firewall application, which is optimized for educational purposes. For example in schools. But of course it can be used in every environment where firewalling and filtering ist needed.

Kwickserver Firewall is available as Version 1.0.0.

If you use Beta 1, you should reinstall your Server with the latest version immediately because of the SSL vulnerability of all Debian systems (Kwickserver is based on Debian). All VPN certificates could be weak and several other problems could occur.

As the update system of Beta 1 is unable to upgrade the firewall to a complete new version, you have to reinstall your server. From Beta 2 complete version upgrades work.

Features of Kwickserver Firewall

Two distinct internal networks You can setup two internal networks. For example one for the administration and the teachers and one for the students. You can define all settings for both networks seperately. You also can define, which network can be accessed by the other one and which not.


Filter ports for your users. There are two ways to filter: Filter every port except special defined ones or filter no ports, but special defined ones. Some services like Web or FTP are predefined, so you do not need to know the port numbers.

Web content filter

Filter special contents like adult or violence stuff for you users. Users surfing to filtered sites are redirected to a special site you can define. Be aware that content filtering only filters web content travelling over TCP port 80.

Traffic shaping

You can limit the available bandwith for your networks. Even based on the IP adresses of your clients or based on port numbers. For example you can limit the bandwith used for HTTP downloads in the student network.

DHCP server

Kwickserver firewall can act as DHCP server for your networks. You can define the address range for both networks seperately.


You can also define Virtual Private Networks with any of your two networks. This means you can integrate "road warriors" beeing somewhere in the world on the Internet or you can connect two networks protected by Kwickserver firewalls and route between those networks.



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