Mission Statement

Our goal is, to provide an out-of-the-box solution for all popular server applications, which installs from CD in a few steps and can be administered and kept up-to-date in an easy manner via web interface.

The competence to install and administer a desktop system successfully has moved from experts to the public with solutions like Ubuntu or Knoppix. This shall happen with servers with Kwickserver, too.

All Kwickserver applications will be available under the GPL and so will be free software. This guarantees, that Kwickserver will be available for all interested users and further development is provided through the community whithout any dependance from a single manufactorer.

Kwickserver has been supported by the Internet Privatstiftung Austria.


Can I support the Kwickserver project?

 You can help us by giving us feedback of your use of one of the kwickservers. You can also become part of the project team and contribute code to the project. If you are not a programmer you could help us to improve the design of the web user interface.

Or you can simply click on the advertisement on this page Wink



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