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Kwickserver Secure File and Encryption Server is a server that installs automatically from boot CD and can be completely administered via an easy web interface.

It provides a file server that can be accessed by client computers from Windows (Samba), Unix and Mac (NFS), FTP or via web. The data on the server is stored in so called data containers. A data container is space on your server harddisk(s). Data containers can be created via the administration interface. All data containers can optionally be encrypted. So these containers can only be read when the correct password is typed in.

Kwickserver Secure File and Encryption Server also provides an easy way to encrypt files with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or GPG (compatible to PGP). Several directories on the file server can be defined as „Auto-GPG“ directories. Every file that is copied into these directories is automatically encrypted with keys configured by the server administrator.

It also provides a simple way to encrypt files or text via web interface. Files are uploaded on that web interface and the encrypted file is then downloaded. Text can be typed in into a web form and the encrypted text comes on the next page. There is also a feature, which hides secret data in various files (e. g. Image files) with steganographic methods.

There is a user and group administration available, which allows to set up access privileges for all users and groups in the system. These privileges can also be administered from Windows clients.




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