Firewall Downloads

Version 1.0.0

The final release of Kwickserver Firewall is available!

Download the CD-Image (180 MB) and burn it to an empty CD or DVD. Put it into your new Firewall computer and turn it on.

(The Download is not hosted on Sourceforge any more because they do not host complete linux distributions any more)

CAUTION! The entire harddisk of this computer will be deleted and filled with new data if you press Enter after the boot screen!

If you are connected to an network with a DHCP server you will get a network address, which will be displayed on the screen after the installation. If not, you must configure your network settings manually during installation.

Now you can connect to the server with your browser and login with user admin and password admin . You should change this password in the webinterface.

MD5 checksum of version 1.0.0: 74311702a06b2cee9b246260a1e8a19c



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